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We at B2 Motorsports have partnered with e3storage to bring to Huntsville a place where car enthusiasts can come together to store, and work on their cars at their convenience. B2 Motorsports Storage powered by e3 is a fully stocked shop, a lounge, inside car storage, and outside trailer or RV Storage. We want to create a place where you can hang with other like-minded enthusiasts and talk about cars, motorcycles, racing, restoration, or anything related to the hobby. We want our members to be part of our community and have member-only events like Dyno Days, and Sim Racing Competitions.

Who are you?

What do members get?

What is the next step for B2 Storage powered by e3storage?

Our goal is to create an of-kind motorsports complex and our product will evolve over the next few years. Still, we are working towards a hybrid model between the DIY automotive enthusiast and full service race shop allowing our members to do what they want, and ask for help when they are too busy or have reached their limits.


Members will have priority access to additional services provided by B2 Motorsports Bulk Race Fuel

Membership gives you access to our DIY areas for all your project needs even if you don’t store your project at e3!

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