The B2 Racing Experience

It’s About the Car

B2 Motorsports can put you in the right car on the right track with the best preparation, and the best on-track coaching and wrenching possible. We have chosen the two cars and series that provide the most competition for the most reasonable expense in road racing.

Spec Racer Ford Gen3 From SportsCar Club of America

The Spec Racer Ford Gen3 is a high-performance, open cockpit, closed-wheel racecar for paved road courses manufactured and marketed by SCCA Enterprises. The racer is powered by a 135-horsepower, 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engine and features suspension adjustments within described parameters. SCCA Enterprises is a subsidiary of SCCA, Inc., and the Spec Racer Ford is the ultimate spec competition. All major components are sealed and monitored for compliance at the race events.The SRF is safe, fast, and reliable, and it is one of SCCA racing’s largest groups. SCCA Enterprises – Spec Racer Ford, Formula Enterprises, Enterprises Sports Racer (

TransAM TA2

This professional-level racecar is available to rent by vetted and experienced racers only. With car counts regularly in the 30s, TA2™ combines a purpose-built sprint racing platform, with manufacturer power plants with engines capable of lasting an entire season. Renters can race this car in SCCA GT2 or TransAM TA2 races. TA2 cars have an engine up to nearly 500-horsepower that provides ample power and promotes longevity without sacrificing performance. Stipulations do not allow carbon fiber or titanium components, except for the driver’s seat. Trans Am – America’s Road Racing Series

B2 Motorsports Driver and Car Services

Our team believes in offering a complete solution to every driver to learn to race to their best ability, including data acquisition and video reviews. We work with each driver to prepare them ahead of time for a race and during and after every event.  Our coaches include Mark Eaton, Cliff White, and Franklin Futrelle, and all of them are proficient at molding drivers competing in local and professional races or sim racing.

B2 Motorsports Is Ready to Help

If you value performance and integrity when renting a racing vehicle, B2 Motorsports has you covered with over 30
years of history in motorsports. Our selection of rental cars is perfect for testing day and full race day.

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